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The Potential Impact of Social Science Research on Legal Issues Surrounding Single-Sex Classrooms and Schools [US] [2013]

Abstract Purpose: This article examines the role social science has played in litigation involving public single-sex educational programs. It also explores a body of social science research related to gender and education that we believe could assist the courts …

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Successful Leadership in High-Needs Schools: An Examination of Core Leadership Practices Enacted in Challenging Contexts [2013]

  Abstract Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the ways principals in three high-needs middle schools enacted core leadership practices in concert with their immediate contexts to institutionalize comprehensive school reforms and support student learning. Research Methods: The…

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Sex Differences in Mathematics and Reading Achievement Are Inversely Related: Within- and Across-Nation Assessment of 10 Years of PISA Data

  Abstract We analyzed one decade of data collected by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), including the mathematics and reading performance of nearly 1.5 million 15 year olds in 75 countries. Across nations, boys scored higher than girls in mathematics, but lower than…

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A new study of 87,921 students [KR]

A new study of 87,921 students: students RANDOMLY assigned to single-gender schools had better outcomes than students assigned to coed schools.   Leonard Sax (http://www.singlesexschools.org/) Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania traveled to Seoul South Korea, because in Seoul,…

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The Effects of Single-Sex Education on Short and Long Term Extracurricular Participation [US] [2012]

  The Effects of Single-Sex Education on Short and Long Term Extracurricular Participation By: Grace A. Foster April, 2012 Abstract A provision in “No Child Left Behind” that allows for single-sex education in public schools has led to increased interest in the potential…

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