International Boys’ School Coalition (IBSC) Annual Conference

Cape Town (South Africa), 7th-10th July 2015

The flagship of the IBSC is the annual global conference, hosted by an IBSC member school. Held in all major global regions of the IBSC, our conferences feature leading experts on boys’ education – many world renowned, most are member teachers working in the trenches daily as beacons of our mission!

From a political prisoner on Robben Island to the President of South Africa and the leader of the anti-Apartheid Movement, Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to being the voice of the unheard and the suffering. He showed us that through kindness and love, mountains can be moved and dreams can be achieved. His reconciliation with his oppressors showed us to be forgiving to one another rather than seek revenge.

Come join us in Cape Town, South Africa where we will use lessons from Nelson Mandela to guide and inform our 22nd Annual Conference. Preparations are well underway. More information is posted on the 2015 IBSC Annual Conference webpage. Details will continue to be updated as they become confirmed.