Educación personalizada y diferenciada, by Jaume Camps

Jaume Camps, a usual collaborator of this website, has just published a new book on single-sex education in Digital Reasons. We reproduce the words he writes in the back cover. 

I have opted for a work that reflects the school reality of single-sex education in its pedagogical frame more frequent in the countries of our environment; that is, within the Personalized Education, school model that confers to the school separation of the sexes a special relief and educational significance, and under which it is pedagogically coherent.

For this I have tried to get away from certain fashions that give more importance to form rather than to substance, or to methodology rather than to pedagogy. I will present, therefore, Personalized Education as a pedagogical methodology of proven educational effectiveness; and, later, I will introduce single-sex education as an organizational methodology consistent with that methodology.

Different authors consider pedagogy an art, in which both technical and intuitive and vocational aspects are related. Personalized Education responds to this vision, because it emphasizes that the educational treatment occurs between people, with all the unpredictability and mutual respect that this requires; in this way, the product of the personalized school is the same person, not only its school results. And its pedagogical strength lies in the style of treatment between the person of the educator and the person of the learner.

I have written these pages from experience and research. The experience of years of work in personalized and differentiated schools, of systematized conversations with the students, teachers and managers of those centers. And the research that I have personally done, or through the scientific sources that other authors contribute.