Properes cites 2019

AGSA (Alliance of Girls' Schools Australasia) 

Student Leadership Conference. The Women's College. Sydney University. Austràlia. 15-18 gener 2019.

GSA (Girls' Schools Association)

Leading Schools toward the Future. Edgbaston High School. Birmingham. 26-27h febrer 2019.

NCGS (National Coalition of Girls' Schools)

2019 NCGS Conference. Dream, Dare, Do: Girls as Makers, Investors, Engineers and Entrepeneurs. Westridge School. Los Angeles. Califòrnia. 24-26 Juny 2019.

IBSC (International Boys' School Coalition)

Boys and the Arts. Great Minds. Big Hearts. Montreal, Quebec, Canadà. 26-29h juny 2019.