Breaking stereotypes: for a more egalitarian society

A school in Spain surprised the world by deciding to implement a particular extracurricular class to train their male students in equality when forming a family.

The Montecastelo School, in the city of Vigo, teaches cooking, ironing and other "home" activities, under the slogan "Equality is learned with facts".

According to the coordinator of the establishment, Gabriel Bravo, these activities are carried out so that "tomorrow, these men can contribute in their homes when they form a family".

"We thought it would be very useful for our students to learn how to carry out these tasks so that when they start a family they will be involved from the beginning and they know that a house is a matter of two, that it is not a matter of the woman cleaning, putting the dishwasher and ironing This will allow them to become aware and know how to handle themselves at home," added Bravo.

The classes are taught by teachers as well as by assistants, all men, and have had a good acceptance by the students, who even learned sewing. "They had a certain reluctance, but they took it with a positive attitude, it was fun and instructive at the same time, we are quite surprised and the parents are very happy," said the teacher in charge.