The non-mixed school. Beyond the tabu, for an innovative education

Jean-David Ponci is PhD in Philosophy, delegate of EASSE (European Association ofSingle-sex Education) for French and German-speaking countries. Jean-Baptiste Noé is PhD in History and associate researcher at Sorbonne University.

For those who believe that single-sex education of girls and boys is a step back, this book brings a clear negation. The model which existed before was not a single-sex education, it was a separate education. The single-sex education that we defend today is something new that has never been applied in France. It is at the same time a break with the mixed education established since the 1950s, and a break with the way education was designed by Victor Duruy or under the Third Republic.

The mixed school of today has exactly the opposite objective to that imposed: it thought that by giving the same to everyone in the same conditions and at the same time, it would eliminate inequalities and produce similar people.

Reality shows that this is not the case and that exactly the opposite is happening. In a somewhat paradoxical way, it is the imposition without reflection and without perspective of this mixed education that initiated and promoted research on single-sex education, what this book presents.