Research paper on conflict resolution in teenagers in mixed schools and single-sex schools

Camps Bansell, J., Selvam, R. M., & Sheymardanov, S. (2019). Resolución de conflictos en la adolescencia: aplicación de un cuestionario en centros escolares coeducativos y diferenciados por sexos en EspañaPáginas De Educación12(2), 01-22.

The  purpose  of  this  research  is  to analyze the  different  styles  of  conflict  resolution  found  in  adolescent students in Spain and to see if there are significant differences between men and women, also taking into account the type of center they attend (mixed or single-sex). For this purpose, a sample of 816 students from 12 Spanish schools was defined and a questionnaire based on the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), adapted and validated  for  adolescents,  was  applied.  The  results  confirm  differences  between  sexes,  already  identified  in  other investigations,  and  for  both  sexes,  in  the  single-sex  school,  higher  scores  appear  in  the  collaborative  style  in comparison  with  male  and  female  students  attending  a  mixed  school.  No  significant  differences  were  found  for  the other styles of conflict resolution.

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