Single-sex schools, a reasonable option

In this recent interview for Espejo Público, Alfonso Aguiló, who was Principal of Tajamar school (Vallecas, MADRID) from 2002 to 2013, explains with clear arguments the legitimacy of single-sex school within the range of possibilities among which families can choose.

Those 90,000 families who choose this type of school for their children must be able to continue doing so on equal terms with the rest. It may be useful to look at other examples of advanced countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom, or Germany to see that they do not necessarily have to be schools of the same sociological profile, but that there are examples of all kinds. 

On the other hand, the fact that these schools contribute decisively to a current objective as important as equality is highlighted. By reducing gender stereotypes of both girls and boys, students are “empowered” to be able to freely decide their postobligatory studies, without being so mediated by the comparison between sexes.