Developing Girls' Techinical Giftedness and Supporting Their Resilience

Authors: Shamil Sheymardanov, Olga Shatunova, Olga Shterts.

Publication: ICETT 2020: Proceedings of the 2020 6th International Conference on Education and Training Technologies. Mayo 2020. Pages 31–34

Language: English.

The article considers the problem of diagnosis and development of technical giftedness of girls. In the practical part, the results of a study of sex and age dynamics of the development of signs of technical giftedness are presented. It is established that in early adolescence the signs of technical giftedness are more developed than in adolescence. An empirical study showed that it is necessary to overcome gender stereotypes that boys have better developed technical thinking than girls. Using same-sex educational environment to reveal the technical abilities of girls and support their resilience in general has been put forward as a proposal.