Personalized and diversified education

"Personalized and diversified education": this is a unique book in the Polish educational publishing market! The author has decided to publish a clear and synthetic model of personalized education, returning to the mind of the author of this important educational trend. In the second part of the book, gender-differentiated education is presented as the form of school organization that is particularly consistent with personalized education and facilitates the achievement of the assumed goal. The entire publication is enriched with numerous references to current scientific research. We recommend the book not only to teachers and directors of educational institutions, but also to parents.

About the author: 

Jaume Camps Bansell - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) in Barcelona. He teaches Education Theory and Educational Institutions as well as Social Psychology at the Faculty of Education. His research focuses on gender issues in education, as well as the idea of school and its evolution.

He is a member of Grupo de Investigación en Parentalidad, Igualidad y Conciliación (research group on parenting, equality and work-life balance). He is also the founder of the Foro de Educación Diferenciada platform (Single-sex Education Forum).