X-ray of the gender gap in STEAM training

The gender gap in scientific-technological careers is a worldwide fact that is corroborated by numerous studies such as the one reviewed below. In single-sex schools, on the contrary, this gap is much smaller as gender stereotypes are greatly reduced. Anyone who observes this fact without prejudice will be able to see why it benefits both girls and boys to free themselves from these deeply rooted stereotypes and to have same-sex role models among teachers who make visible to them the possibility of reaching their expectations.

This report from the STEAM* Alliance is the first volume of the collection Girls standing on science, a careful look at the gender gap in STEAM training in Spain. The data draw both the current situation and the evolution and point to future trends. The result is a detailed x-ray of the educational trajectory that girls and women follow from the moment they can choose a study path, until they access vocational training or university. With the preparation of this study, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training wants to encourage other administrations, companies, entities, associations and social partners to continue researching in this line, to incorporate new methodologies and approaches. We want to provide society with valuable data that provides quality information to those who participate in this collective task of promoting female talent. Because we need more girls and women on a scientific footing to move towards equality.

*STEAM is an acronym in English that adds five essential study disciplines for today's society: Science (sciences), Technology (technology), Engineering (engineering), Arts (arts) and Mathematics (mathematics). It is also known as STEM, although within the framework of the STEAM Alliance for female talent. Girls standing in Science has opted for the meaning that includes the arts, innovation and creativity, and that was coined in 2010 by the Rhode Island School of Design, in the United States, giving the multidisciplinary construct a more comprehensive vision where the Creativity becomes a key factor for the development of curiosity, innovation and the search for diverse solutions.

Radiografía de la brecha de género en la formación STEAM.pdf