Resources for a personalized education

Although education seems to be a mass phenomenon and ratios in classrooms are constantly talked about, the reality is that the action of educating is a personal fact, which affects each person. The contents are worked on with students grouped in classrooms but we try to reach each student in particular because education takes into account the particularity and uniqueness of each person.

The two books reviewed below contain numerous keys to understanding the relevance and validity of personalized teaching, of which you can consider pedagogue Víctor García Hoz a pioneer in the sixties of last century.

BERNARDO CARRASCO, J. (2011) Educación personalizada: principios, técnicas y recursos. Madrid. Síntesis.

Personalized education constitutes a solution for the present and the future because it addresses what people have in common (human nature), and what they have of their own (founding principles and dimensions); because it combines the demands of individualization and educational socialization, and constitutes the type of education most in line with the deep human needs and the conditions of humans in the technological society in which we live; because it tries to stimulate each subject to freely and responsibly perfect the ability to direct his or her own life; because it provides a comprehensive education, capable of putting unity in all aspects of the life of a human being; because it advocates the participation of students and their parents in everything that is and involves the life of the educational institution; because it adjusts to the existence of universal values consistent with good, truth and beauty; because it is responsible for training students, teachers and parents in a critical spirit in the face of all the information they receive, so that they know how to discern truth from error, the only way to avoid the manipulation of ideas; and finally because it is not a closed educational conception, but is open to all reasonable currents of non-reductionist thought.

ALCÁZAR, J. A. and JAVALOYES, J. J. (2015) Notas para una orientación centrada en la persona. Madrid. Identitas Educación.

If we do not have a clear idea of what the human person is, we will not have a coherent educational approach either. Pedagogy always supposes and refers to an anthropology.

What does it mean to be a man, to be a woman? What is our most fundamental truth? That we are people.

Person-centered guidance is more than an educational option, it is a necessity of today's education. Parents, teachers and the students themselves must discover that the positive changes in the society in which they live are not only not independent of their own changes, but are a direct consequence of them, and that is why they need the best personal development.

In this book, parents and educators will find many suggestions to discover how this person-centered orientation can be articulated.