A Gendered Choice: Designing and Implementing Single-Sex Programs and Schools

David Chadwell is the nation's first Coordinator for Single-Gender Education at the state level.  In July 2007 David was hired by the South Carolina Department of Education to support single-gender initiatives.  Since that time, the number of schools with single-gender programs has grown from 40 to over 200.  He has worked with single-gender education since 2004. 

David is the author the book A Gendered Choice:  Designing and Implementing Single-Gender Programs and Schools to be published by Corwin Press in December 2009. 

David's approach to single-gender education comes from the combination of fourteen years as a classroom teacher, three years as an administrator of a single-gender program, knowledge about recent research on gender differences, and a statewide view of organizing, training, and troubleshooting teaching within single-gender programs.  His unique perspective combines the practical aspect of the teacher, the organizational issues of an administrator, and theoretical concerns of researchers.

David's work has included:

Serving as a resource for administrators and teachers of single-gender programs.

Authoring a book on creating and implementing single-gender program, to be published in December 2009 by Corwin Press.

Conducting presentations at local, state, and national conferences on a variety of issues related to gender differences and single-gender education.

Coordinating and hosting state and national conferences on single-gender education.

Designing and implementing a single-gender middle school program.

Teaching an all-boys middle school advisory program.

Collecting data on single-gender classes.

Supporting interest in single-gender education through information sessions, newsletters, website development, and on-line resources.

Appearing in media sources such as:  MSNBC, ABCNews On-line, New York Times Magazine, NPR, Education Week, Education Next, USA Today, and multiple state and local newspapers.

David has worked with over 300 schools across South Carolina and elsewhere (Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington DC).  He is available to work with schools, districts, and states with the following topics:

Designing a single-gender program that is legal.

Introducing gender differences to teachers.

Training teachers in gender differences and classroom implications.

Developing a single-gender advisory program.

Designing professional development for sustaining a single-gender program.

Conducting research with a single-gender program.



"David Chadwell’s book is a very useful guide for principals and administrators launching single-gender programs." (Leonard Sax, Executive Director )

"A thoughtful text and practical guide for educators who are considering establishing single-gendered classrooms." (Pedro A. Noguera, Professor, New York University )

“The author does an excellent job of providing the reader with each of the steps needed to successfully implement this type of program and the foresight to think about many of the questions and concerns that will come up along the way. Administrators following the process outlined in this book will impress teachers, parents, and the board with their well thought-out approach.” (Kathy Tritz- Rhodes, Principal )

"This is a fascinating area and a subject that needs to be explored and researched. With books like this, a more open dialogue can begin, and educators can consider more options for improving the learning curves amongst boys and girls.” (Tara McGuigan, Science Teacher and GATE Teacher )

"Single-gender education has reemerged as a sound approach to dealing with the academic issues of both girls and boys. This book provides comprehensive procedures for developing single-gender programs of all types. Chadwell covers every step of the process and points out where the pitfalls lie and how to avoid them. The planning tools at the end of each chapter involve the reader in the process and can serve as activities for workshops as schools and school systems begin the process of designing single-gender programs. This is a comprehensive handbook based on personal experience with developing single-gender educational programs. Chadwell knows what he is talking about not only from personal experience, but also as the statewide coordinator of single-sex initiatives for South Carolina. This is the book to read if you are considering implementing single-gender programs in your school." (Abigail Norfleet James, Adjunct Professor of Education )

"David W. Chadwell, an ardent activist for single-gender education, brings his passion and expertise to bear within the pages of this important book. It is imperative reading for all who seek to be informed about the viability of single-gender education. It’s a must read!" (Ron Walker, Executive Director )



David CHADWELL: A Gendered Choice: Designing and Implementing Single-Sex Programs and Schools. Corwin Press, 2009.