Teaching Boys: Developing Classroom Practices That Work

Boys' education continues to be a focus of public controversy and anxiety among teachers. Concern about boys general educational under-achievement and the impact this under-achievement has on the boys themselves, as well as on the broader society, continues to fuel disagreement and debate on the best approach to take in response. Teaching Boys provides a framework for developing practical and sustainable ways to improve boys' education. Highlighting the key research-based understandings of gender, masculinity and pedagogy, the book demonstrates how what teachers do in the classroom can enable, or constrain, boys' academic and social outcomes. With detailed case studies, Keddie & Mills outline a range of practical classroom strategies that will assist teachers to meet the challenge of teaching boys, without neglecting the girls in the process.


Amanda KEDDIE & MARTIN mills: Teaching Boys: Developing Classroom Practices That Work. Crows Nest (AU): Allen & Unwin, 2007.