Single-sex education for girls and boys

In recent years, the purpose and legitimacy of single-sex schooling has been under heated debate in several parts of the world. This debate has already been the subject of rigorous research and discussion in other countries. Furthermore, there exists a solid single-sex schooling network in many parts of the world. In New South Wales, for example, the most populated state in Australia, applications for state mixed schools fell by 50% in 2001 (The Sun Herald, March 25th, 2001). Also in 1998, in the German Landers of Berlin and Renania in North Westfalia, single sex classes were authorised after serious research by the socialists and the Green Party -with the support of the feminist movement- because it was discovered that single sex education helps students to improve their learning skills. Research into single-sex academic achievements has cast doubts on the dogmatic belief in coeducation as the only educational option. Recent books such as Les pièges de la mixité scholaire by the French author Michel Fize, Same, different, equal: rethinking single-sex schooling by the American author Rosemary Salomone or The war against boys: how feminism is harming our young men by Christina Hoff have had a wide echo in public opinion and mass media.

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