The Anthropological Foundation of Single-Sex Education

Josu Ahedo Ruiz aims to explain what is the anthropological foundation of single-sex education. Coeducation seeks to guarantee equality with socialization through the joint coexistence of both sexes. Single-sex education aims to achieve the highest academic performance, human development with the growth of virtues and the optimization of the person. The anthropological foundation of single-sex education lies in the unequal way of growing on an essential level based on the different activation of the spiritual powers of which both sexes are capable through synderesis.

The difference in the objectives of the two educational paths that coexist in our country is the basis for establishing as a thesis of this article that there is no opposition between mixed education and single-sex and those who believe in that opposition are sheltering in ideological arguments. In this sense, mixed education focuses on the socialization of both sexes based on equality as the optimal means of achieving personal improvement. The development of this objective has been transformed into an attempt that pursues the benefit of the boy and the girl based on educational coexistence, which is what has been termed coeducation (Subirats, 1994). Therefore, this effort to co-educate, justified because the best way to benefit both sexes is the coexistence of them, has become the argument that has consolidated mixed education as the most appropriate model. However, single-sex education tries to respect the differences of each student so that he or she improves as much as possible as a person. In the end, he is going to defend that under this different educational purpose an anthropological difference is observed that lies in how the student is considered. Coeducation is based on the equality of the subject to be educated, regardless of sex. However, it would be a mistake to maintain that each student is a generalized subject, forgetting that he or she is an unrepeatable person. In this sense, forgetting that the personal growth capacity of each student is different implies not understanding the distinction between the human essence and the act of being personal. Therefore, educational uniformity does not contribute to this differentiation in the growth of each person.

Ahedo Ruiz, Josu. (2015). The Anthropological Foundation of the Single-sex Education. Studies on Education. 28. 155-170. 10.15581 / 004.28.155-170.