Girls' education from a global perspective. Contexts, reflections and experiences.

A research paper by Eva García Redondo published in Aula: Revista de Pedagogía de la Universidad de Salamanca, ISSN 0214-3402, Nº 26, 2020 (A number devoted to Different schools), pages 27-40.

The concise attention, which is being given to girls’ education, is marked by a strong sense of need, as well as complexity. Circumstances and contexts in relation to gender, at a family, social, political and religious level, are decisive in the design and development of pedagogical proposals. More progress has been made in the study and analysis of the girl in the framework of educational systems, so we choose, in this paper, to focus our attention on non-formal education. Thus, we reflect on the causes to be considered a vulnerable group and, therefore, a priority in the future of educational strategies, while offering various experiences that, based on precepts, data and logic offered by supranational organizations (unesco, unicef...), intend to break the invisibility that, today, continues to show the collective in many contexts.